The Power of Speaking Up

There is POWER in SPEAKING UP. Last week, my youngest daughter & I, unfortunately, were witness to a terrible situation between a family just a few feet away from us… as the fight became more volatile, physical and was escalating, my gut and former experience told me what I needed to do. I got up quietly in the cover of the night, walked inside and called the police, just to ask for a little drive by to check on the situation.  Longish story short, the police arrived just in time.  Two women and two babies were potentially saved from what was most likely to have been a terrible “ending.”

That night as I kissed my daughter goodnight, she said “well, I guess we saved 4 people, but ruined 1 person’s life…” I smiled at her sweet face & said, “No, lovey,  hopefully everyone will get the help they need now. We were quiet little heroes.”

Sometimes that is all you need to be. A QUIET LITTLE HERO.  If you do not have the strength or do not want to get involved, or SHOULD NOT get involved, then quietly ask someone who needs to or can.  If you have never experienced domestic violence or any form of abuse, or known someone that has, you have no idea how INVALUABLE this seemingly small act of bravery can do to change lives. Save lives.  Check the link in my bio for really great information… if you see the signs in someone’s life, don’t wait for them to ask you for help, learn how to ask them, help them.

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