my Not-To-Do-List

Every Sunday I find time to get myself ready for the week ahead… I get my desk perfectly organized for Monday morning & my “To Do List” filled out for the week. An in general list, then whittled down for each day.  My workouts, work, kids, life, goals, etc. etc. 

But last night around 4am, I woke up with the thought of – I need to make a life’s “NOT-To-Do” List!!  

You know the one where I set boundaries, not just with others, but also myself & that voice inside my head that sometimes is a little unkind or perhaps has some pretty dumb ideas. 😉 I challenge you today, or in the morning to think about what you might put on your “NOT-TO-DO-LIST.”  What isn’t serving you, your happiness and/or your future? Be it emotionally or physically… are you sitting around & not exercising or eating healthy? are you letting yourself be a doormat at work or with friends/family?  Here are a few from my list: 
(1) i will NOT skip weight training & yell (internally) at my friend Todd when he constantly asks me how it’s going 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ 
(2) i will NOT text or invest time with people who do not care/invest time in me.
(3) i will NOT settle for less. 
(4) i will NOT make myself LESS THAN to make others feel comfortable. 
(5) i will NOT make others lack of preparation my emergency. 
Those are a few of mine… 
Your turn! What’s on Your Not-To-Do-List? 

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