Just Close the Damn Door, Already…

They say when God closes one door, another door opens…

Every new year, we makes lists. Resolutions. “I will do this, I will do that.”

I am a big proponent of the “Not To Do Lists” – the “Resolve Not To” – the “This Year I Will… remove the following from my proverbial plate.” And let me tell you, it has always proved itself to be positive.

Pare down, simplify, get rid of what isn’t serving a greater purpose or moving you forward, making you happy. Whether that means, cleaning out your closet, garage, refrigerator, or sock drawer. 😉

Or MOST importantly, the RELATIONSHIPS in your life and the way you spend your T I M E.

Earlier this year, I made yet another list. (I love lists!)

This one, almost every sentence began with “I will…”

I will always eat good food, because I love it.

I will start to this, I will continue to that. (run, exercise, start a business, etc etc.)

and there were just a couple of “ I hope to…”

Earlier this year, I also took a relationship off of my plate, and a couple of years ago some others. Each of these big deals. It was quietly painful, and it was uncharted territory to say the very least. (more on this another time, maybe.)

But when I found my “I will list” that I made June 13, 2021, and I read through – I realized that I had accomplished everything on that list, even the two, “I hope to always…”

I realized, if I had not removed a few of the relationships, if I had not been brave enough to stand up and even quietly (or not so quietly) walk away from things that were holding me back in life, I would not have found friendships and relationships that have caused me to flourish, smile, laugh and feel loved in ways I have not experienced in over a decade.

I would not have had the courage to grow, start a new business, feel more of myself, and relax into my complete self again.

So yes, it is true. When God closes one door, another door opens.

But sometimes,

you just need to get up,

close the damn door yourself,

and get on with it.

As for me? I prefer to do my moving on in a stellar pair of high heels.

xo – j

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