closing doors & burning proverbial safety nets

Being a single mother brings it’s own bag of uncertainties, what-ifs, what-to-dos – that all seem to be so much harder when you don’t have a significant other or an equally invested adult by your side making the big decisions with you. Weighing the options. Talking about the kids. The highs and the lows. OverContinue reading “closing doors & burning proverbial safety nets”

all i have to do… is be.

Alone With You– j Meridian(full lyrics below) to be alone with youthat’s all I have to doto be alone with youI adore youall I have to dois be…. alone with you. I wrote this song my senior year of college, and recorded/released it 2011 on an album called “Even In The Clarity of Sunlight.” WhyContinue reading “all i have to do… is be.”

Slow & Steady, Baby.

You name it, whatever the goal is in life, I think this applies. Diet & exercise regimens. Weight loss, Muscle Gains.Relationships.That New business, your job, a promotion.Your savings account.Habits. As attractive as a crash diet, or fad diet or workout may be, typically, they are not sustainable or lasting. They can wreak havoc on yourContinue reading “Slow & Steady, Baby.”

Just Close the Damn Door, Already…

They say when God closes one door, another door opens… Every new year, we makes lists. Resolutions. “I will do this, I will do that.” I am a big proponent of the “Not To Do Lists” – the “Resolve Not To” – the “This Year I Will… remove the following from my proverbial plate.” AndContinue reading “Just Close the Damn Door, Already…”

“5 Things Not to Say to Someone Over the Holidays—Or Ever…”

by Mallory Frayn Ph.D | article from Psychology Today I thought this was a great read by Mallory Frayn Ph.D, from Psychology Today. Some are VERY obvious (lol, #2), some, not as much… feel free to repost, or even forward to that “favorite” co-worker or family member! 😉 Sometimes talk about diet and even exerciseContinue reading ““5 Things Not to Say to Someone Over the Holidays—Or Ever…””

“I Weigh…”

i weigh… how would you fill in the blank? I heard about this “I Weigh” idea on a podcast I listened to yesterday morning. It was specifically speaking about your body weight (eating disorders / disordered eating). As a woman especially (in my *cough* mid-40s) all of these things really surface… weight, wrinkles, you nameContinue reading ““I Weigh…””

Garbage Time.

“Garbage time is the best time. It isn’t weighted by the expectation that a moment will be special and memorable and perfect.

Garbage time just is. When relationships are not forced, but naturally formed.” – Jeff Haden 

Sometimes, all you can do is pray & hold space…

“Sometimes all you can do is pray & hold space…”  was what the still small voice in the back of my mind said as I sat alone in my living room last night, tears running down my cheeks, my stomach in knots, just crying out to God and wondering, what in the world can I, littleContinue reading “Sometimes, all you can do is pray & hold space…”

why health & wellness or life coaching?

“A coach looks at your present to help you create the future you desire, while a therapist looks at your past to help you manage your present, coaching is action-oriented, therapy is insight-oriented.” – Tess Brigham Oprah Daily Here’s what Harvard has to say… right here And Oprah? Well, everyone know’s that Oprah has our best interestContinue reading “why health & wellness or life coaching?”

she wrote poetry on his scars…

When my son was only 18 months old, he fell and cut a huge gash into his tiny shin. I will never forget that day, carrying him down our steep driveway, putting him into our Explorer and rushing him to the ER. My sweet neighbor had seen me and, unknowingly to me, followed along toContinue reading “she wrote poetry on his scars…”