“I Weigh…”

i weigh… how would you fill in the blank?

I heard about this “I Weigh” idea on a podcast I listened to yesterday morning. It was specifically speaking about your body weight (eating disorders / disordered eating). As a woman especially (in my *cough* mid-40s) all of these things really surface… weight, wrinkles, you name it… BUT body image/weight is always a factor at in age, and in today’s society of social media, it is starting dangerously young. On the FLIP SIDE ~

I have been ruminating on it the last 24+ hours, and thinking about how many of us, (outside of our weight and body image), are so very hard on ourselves. The way we WEIGH our worth, compare ourselves with others & find our worth in the wrong things… for me, there are times I can let my anxiety win. ~ So I was thinking – how brilliant this is ~ I WEIGH…

Here are some of mine ~~~

I weigh: being a strong single mom, love, humor, kindness, my heart on my sleeve, my strength, creativity.

WHAT ARE YOUR “I WEIGHS?” if you want to list one or some below… 💛

#iweigh #youarenotnumbers

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