Some days are hard. Some days are incredible. Some days are just average or boring. But my best days are always when I’m allowed (or allow myself) to continually be my authentic self.

This picture was taken in a thoughtless hurry one evening when one of my good friends texted & asked what I was up to… “I just tried on a new shirt I got in the mail.” I said, “What does it look like?” they replied. So I snapped this pic with zero thought that I had not put any make up on that day (except a little bit under my allergy eyes 🙃)… 📸 I just took a pic & pressed send.

That’s what friendship is, feeling so comfortable that you are yourself ~ inside and out ~ on ALL of the days. The highs & the lows. Being able to share the good & the bad times, without fear of judgement. Knowing you are loved ~ unconditionally.

As a parent, I hope that I am modeling an authentic life, & a safe space for my kids to always do the same… freedom to share every part of their hearts & minds. Even when it may not always gel with mine – I want to know them, to understand them, and hey – change my mind! (Because even Mom is not always right!) This is something I have been telling them since they were in middle school & I believe this to be true of all my relationships.

Bringing truth & love to light, living an honest & authentic life with my whole heart is the only way I know how to do it…

Is it dangerous sometimes wearing my heart on my sleeve?


Is it worth it most of the time?


I have three incredible kids & some friendships more precious than gold to prove it.

Thank you to my circle. You know who you are. ♥️

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