all i have to do… is be.

Alone With You. Available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, & everywhere.

Alone With You
– j Meridian
(full lyrics below)

to be alone with you
that’s all I have to do
to be alone with you
I adore you
all I have to do
is be…. alone with you.

I wrote this song my senior year of college, and recorded/released it 2011 on an album called “Even In The Clarity of Sunlight.”
Why am I sharing it today? Hmmm. It’s probably triple fold.

The way the Lord (or the universe, timing, coincidence call it what you want to, just stay with me a minute!!) 🙂 The way He works in bringing things to our attention is so beautiful! If we will only continue to pay attention. To watch and listen. To let ourselves be vulnerable to the best friends in our lives. (Or your therapist or life coach, hint hint!)

Today I was doing just that. I was sharing with one of my people in my circle about a particular thing that I was letting eat away at my heart and brain. Letting it bother me much more than I would care to admit. In a matter of minutes, and probably only 3 texts, my friend reminded me of who I am, what is true, and just plain “man-logic.” (Sorry girls, we usually think differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a gift!) Different perspectives can certainly can save the day.

Right after I read his texts and responded with my *let-me-wax on-poetically-errr-long-winded-jules-version* of “Ok, so you’re saying…” this song I wrote came on the Apple Music that I had shuffling in my earbuds.

When “Alone with You” started to play, I stopped what I was doing, and I listened for a moment (unlike me). I remembered back to when I wrote it. Instantly I was back to the exact place I was, over 20 years ago, & remembering the situation that stirred my heart to write it – I remembered all of it.

I had seen this incredible Harvest Moon in that small Central Texas town called Brownwood, Texas. I had sometimes dealt with bouts of anxiety or not feeling good enough. Who knows why. But in that moment, driving my little red Honda CRX with the sunroof open, I realized that when I paused, to get still, quiet and connected with who I was, I was able to remember what was important. I remembered that the Lord had my steps ordered, that He was in control and His timing is perfect. When I remembered that He makes all things work together for good… this song was born.
All I needed to do was be alone, draw my focus back, and BE.

This song coming on, just as my little (re)epiphany via text conversation with my buddy, felt like such a wonderful wash of gentleness and love over my heart, to remind myself to just continue to BE.

“To be alone with you, that’s alllll I have to do.” – maybe it’s your spirituality, maybe it’s your significant other, your best friend, nature. Whatever it is. Find it. Know it.

“All I have to do, is be… alone with you.”

We all have these things we KNOW to do to draw our focus back.
It’s a personal journey.

Mine are time alone in prayer, music, writing, the Word, and both stillness and movement in nature. (a walk or run outside. or if I am REALLY lucky, being next to the beach, river or a lake).

The next time you’re anxious or feeling out of sorts,
remember what your “all I have to do is…” and


– julie

Alone With You

the air quietly surrounds me
harvest moon shines like fire
this is the harvest of my loneliness

I want to see you, I want to be…

to be alone with you
that’s all I have to do
to be alone with you
I adore you
all I have to do
is be…. alone with you.

the array of tiny lights above me
whisper sweet one be still
I look up and shine in your eyes now
put your arms around me, all I have to do is

and after the days been had, I am standing at the end,
of the waters edge, I decide to dive in
and let you change me, oh

midnight showers pour over me
penetrate my soul
dampen my eyes to your love
come sing our song with me, i adore you

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